8th-12th Grade Youth Programs

What is Senior BOFTY?


The relationships our participants foster in Sr. BOFTY are the ones they will carry with them throughout college and into adulthood. 

Sr. BOFTY-ites meet up approximately 3 times a month for various functions. Each month we have a weekend event (all social, many mix in social action, fundraising, Judaic twists and culture). Aside from our weekend event, this group also holds one dinner meeting once a month (to catch everyone up on upcoming happenings) and one lounge night each month (to chill with your friends).

Sr. BOFTY is run by members of the group who have been elected to certain positions by their peers. Another amazing feature of our oldest youth group is that Sr. BOFTY is a part of NFTY/PAR (North American Federation of Temple Youth/Pennsylvania Area Region). Several times throughout the year NFTY/PAR brings teens together from all over the region for an incredible weekend of bonding, activities, Jewish identity building, games, and fun.

Our Sr. BOFTY-ites are an integral part of our Beth Or community. Some of our teens in this group help run programs for our younger youth groups and form everlasting bonds with younger kids. Annually, the Sr. BOFTY-ites run a BOFTY Shabbat worship experience. You will, in fact, find these kids all over the synagogue, feeling ownership for it and adding so much to it. This group is an invaluable outlet for our teens that have such hectic lives and are looking for a safe place where they belong and feel good. They find that in BOFTY.