Welcome to Beth Or Brotherhood


What is Brotherhood?

Brotherhood at Congregation Beth Or is focused on fully serving the congregation and supporting men throughout different stages of life. We exist to facilitate connections between our members for help, guidance, and support with men’s issues be it spiritual, social, educational. We are also here for you during life cycle events.

 What programs do we offer?

We offer opportunities to meet your needs through programs and events. Some of these things include a our Mussar study group, social activities, business forums and more. Look for Brotherhood sponsored events including an Eagles tailgating party at Beth Or, a periodic card night and parent-child events. Brotherhood works with Sisterhood to provide joint Sunday brunch events and partners with other Beth Or committees to look for new ways to serve our member’s needs.

How do I join Brotherhood?

Fundraising, along with membership dues, finances our programs and events. Membership to Brotherhood costs $36. You can pay in conjunction with your other synagogue payments. Or, join as a Mensch. The Mensch member, at a cost of $100, covers your yearly dues, gets you a ticket to our Annual Dinner and is recognized with a special lapel pin and our deepest thanks for the additional contribution.

Who makes up the Brotherhood Board?

The President of the Brotherhood is your voice on the Board of Trustees and the Executive committee of the congregation. Along with the President, the officers of the organization consist of a First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. We provide members with updates from the various committees that are used to plan the organization’s activities and events.

Join Us!


Join Brotherhood not only with your membership dues, but also with your time, energy and talent. We welcome your financial support that enables the Brotherhood to function. We welcome your involvement to make our Brotherhood a vibrant and integral parts of Congregation Beth Or.

For more information, please contact Brotherhood President, Allan Posner at [email protected]