Event Promotion Request Form

Please complete this form for the following purposes:

  • To request promotion of your committee/auxiliary's event in Beth Or's various promotional outlets. i.e. Website Calendar, Chai-Lights, Events Booklet, Spotlight, Social Media, B.O.B., Order of Service, etc. 

  • To set up on-line RSVP forms with or without payment options.

  • We prefer you to submit your own flyer to Jillian Glick or Judy Trias. If you need help creating a flyer, please submit THIS FORM by the deadlines provided below. 

All requests will be reviewed for approval. Upon approval, please allow up to one week's time for information to be processed and RSVPs to be created. If you have questions about this form, please contact Judy Trias or Jillian Glick in the office. 

Please note the following deadlines:

Spotlight - 6 weeks prior to the Spotlight Issue date (i.e. January 15 for March/April issue, March 15 for May/June issue, etc.)

All other promotional outlets  - we appreciate 2 months in advance, but can accept 1 month in advance, depending on number of requested distribution outlets.



Use the box above to include other important promotional details for this event such as food options, guest information, directions, other pertinent information, etc..This may also include any other details that you want us to know so we can best promote your event.