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Gift Cards

Shop & Help Beth Or Sisterhood Support Our Community 

• You pay face value. Your gift card is worth face value, & Sisterhood earns a percentage back on every gift card you purchase. 

• Our gift cards cover all of your shopping needs: from dining & movies to groceries & department Stores. 

• Check out our list of retailers - download this list of stores. Gift Cards can be special ordered if they are not in stock.

• Recipients get to use their gift cards whenever they want - on exactly what they want.


To Buy Your Gift Cards:


  • Stop by the Spain Lobby on the last Sunday of every month.
  • Buy them anytime through the Tarshis Gift Shop.
  • You can order on-line by completing an order form, submit it via e-mail to Carole Chasen and pay using our secure online option: (please add a 50 cent fee to your order for on-line payments only)
  •  You can download this categorized order form and submit it with your payment. 

• You can download this alphabetized list and use the short order form - then submit it with your payment.

• Questions? E-mail Carole Chasen.