Mission, Philosophy & Goals

Our Mission

Zipporah S. Abramson Center for Early Childhood Education is dedicated to fostering excellence in Jewish early childhood education. This is achieved by providing a warm, nurturing environment that encourages cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of the whole child. Our program incorporates Jewish values and traditions and encourages children, along with their families, to consciously develop a Jewish identity and lifestyle. Zipporah S. Abramson Center for Early Childhood Education offers an environment that encourages young children to develop their unique capabilities, interests, and creativity at their own pace and according to their individual needs.

Philosophy & Goals

  • To promote self-esteem and confidence
  • To increase independence in meeting and solving problems
  • To form a positive Jewish identity by exposing the children to Jewish culture & tradition through music, holiday celebrations, special Shabbat services and interaction with the Rabbi and Cantor.
  • To further intellectual development; to foster cognitive learning, concept formation and self-understanding
  • To learn large motor skills such as climbing, running, jumping and balancing
  • To develop small muscle competence by using scissors, paste, clay, building blocks, puzzles and beads.
  • To promote cooperation and other pro-social behaviors
  • To promote language development
  • To develop fantasy play that facilitates imagination, ideas and creative thinking processes
  • To foster awareness of the world by participating in a variety of experiences
  • To help the child separate from the family and learn to live comfortably in a social group other than the family
  • To foster creativity and free self-expression in art, music and socio-dramatic play
  • To help the child learn control, restraint, and good attending skills
  • To encourage the expression of all feelings, such as fear, anger and happiness, in acceptable ways
  • To develop positive qualities such as the capacity for fun, humor and optimism
  • To provide an environment that provides the child with the opportunity to learn by doing - moving from concrete hands-on experiences to more abstract concept development