Ner Tamid Campaign


"As Israel is the haven for Jews around the world, so Beth Or is the haven for our community.  My life’s purpose is to keep it spiritually and financially strong.  This will be one of the most impactful initiatives of all my years in the rabbinate."  - Rabbi Gregory S. Marx


Beth Or has embarked upon a multimillion dollar campaign to grow our endowment and continue to build upon our outstanding programming and professionals. While this is a very different venture from building our Jewish home in the early years of this century, make no mistake: this campaign is every bit as important.  Without the financial stability of a robust endowment, Beth Or cannot build upon its legacy and plan for the future. For more information on our endowment campaign, please contact our co-chairs Bryna Berman and Jill ZipinYou can also contact Executive Director, Amy Abrams for more information.

A strong endowment will afford Beth Or with the opportunity to:

  • Continue our policy of allowing all families to join the Beth Or community regardless of their financial situation
  • Create more meaningful and diverse opportunities for our congregants to connect with Jewish wisdom and practice
  • Better manage the total cost of membership for our families with students of all ages
  • Be bold and creative in our education of all of the congregation’s children
  • Initiate new ways for all our congregants to connect with Israeli life and culture
  • Improve programming opportunities for senior adults
  • Increase cultural and musical programs
  • Strengthen the connections of congregants with each other

Beth Or has provided past and present generations with truly meaningful opportunities to live a fulfilling, meaningful and responsible Jewish life.  As members of Beth Or today, we have an obligation to those who came before us and, even more importantly, to the generations of our children and their children. We will ensure that our proud legacy endures forever We will work tirelessly to honor our past while seeing that our kehilah kedosha has the essential tools for a vibrant future

It is in this spirit that we introduce our Ner Tamid Campaign, an ambitious and transformational $10 million campaign that will impact our congregation for decades to come.  Our success is truly in your hands!

Our Ner Tamid Campaign looks to youto be an investor in the future of Beth Or. We are asking every member to join together and pledge support for this ambitious project. Join leaders and fellow congregants in giving generously to the Ner Tamid Campaign. Every gift to the Campaign will be greatly appreciated and equally important.  In each of us shines an inner light. Together, our light will illuminate lives, stir souls and propel our holy community into an exciting future.

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