About Purim

The story of Purim is set in ancient Persia (modern day Iran). Its two heroes are Esther - a beautiful young Jewish woman - and her Uncle Mordechai. Esther marries King Ahasuerus and becomes Queen without disclosing that she is Jewish.

The villian of the story, Haman, is the king's right-hand man. He obtains permission to kill all of the Jews in the land. Esther asks the king to spare her people - revealing that she is in fact a Jew. When the king realizes the full impact of Haman's plans, he arranges for the Jews to be saved and orders Haman to be put to death.

Purim at Beth Or

At Beth Or, we celebrate Purim with a reading from the Megillah (the Purim story), booing Haman's name when it is heard, and watching a Purim shpiel (play) performed by our Junior Choir. Afterward, there is a community celebration.

Our annual Purim Carnival takes place on the closest Sunday to the holiday, and is filled with fun kids' activities and  hamantashen for everyone! This is one of our most popular events of the year! 

Refer to the website calendar for this year's programming details and RSVP.

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