Sukkot and Simchat Torah

Fall Festival Holidays - Sukkot and Simchat Torah

Chag Sameach!


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The holiday of Sukkot, which begins four days after Yom Kippur, is a festival that commemorates the Israelites forty years of wandering in the wilderness, when they built temporary shelters to live in. Agriculturally, Sukkot celebrates the end of the harvest season. During this holiday, some families will build sukkahs and spend family time in it eating meals and inviting friends and family to come and visit. We celebrate Simchat Torah immediately following Sukkot. After a whole year of reading a section of the Torah each week in synagogue, on this holiday we celebrate because the cycle is finished and we start again. At synagogue, there is singing and dancing for all ages and candy is given out. During services, everyone parades around the sanctuary. Adults carry Torahs while kids carry mini-Torah replicas and wave flags.

Celebrate a Week of Fall Festivals, Beth Or Style!

Each year, Beth Or provides a variety of traditional worship and social activities designed for all ages to celebrate Sukkot and Simchat Torah. Refer to the calendar for this year's specific dates/times.

  • Welcome to Our Tent - Dinner and Service in the Goldstein Sukkah
  • Sukkot Morning Worship and Brunch in the Goldstein Sukkah
  • CECE Sponsored Family Festival of Fun in the Sukkah for Young Families
  • APEX Sponsored Lunch and Learn in the Goldstein Sukkah with our Clergy
  • Sushi, Sake, Sukkah - enjoy socializing with Beth Or Friends, while the children have a special program of their own
  • Sukkot Under the Stars Camp Out with the Scouts
  • Simchat Torah Consecration and Worship Service with Israeli Folk Dancing and Dessert Reception
  • Simchat Torah / Yiskor Worship



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