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Jewish Food

The Shmear
 - Beth Or’s new spot that’s all about Jewish food and cooking. Here are some of the ideas we’ll be sharing:

- Favorite family recipes from members of the synagogue community, along with pictures and treasured stories.

- Holiday ideas to make your celebrations special (and delicious).

- Food inspired social action projects.

- Helpful how-to’s – tips on keeping your hamentaschen from spreading and creating the perfect matza balls!

- Links to great sites that inspire.

Jewish Music

The Maccabeats
 - Strongly committed to the philosophy of Torah u-Madda, the integration of traditional and secular wisdom, the Maccabeats perform an eclectic array of Jewish, American, and Israeli songs.  In November 2010, the Maccabeats released "Candlelight," a Chanukkah themed video produced by Uri Westrich, which garnered international attention and was covered by the major news sources. The song is available for download on iTunes, and the video can be viewed on YouTube.

Michelle Citrin - Perhaps you recognize Michelle as the star of the hit YouTube sensations, "20 Things to do with Matzah” or “Rosh Hashanah Girl”, which to date, have received millions of hits, ranking in the top 20 most viewed music videos in 2008, and have been featured on Good Morning America,, CBS Evening News as well as The New York Times.

Debbie Friedman - For more than three decades the legendary Debbie Friedman gave the world music that is transformative; offering joy and comfort, hope and faith, healing and inspiration. Music for our times. Music for our lives. Music for our souls. See tributes to her from around the world following her death in January, 2011.  

The Josh Nelson Project  - Josh Nelson is one of the most popular performers and producers in modern Jewish music. A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Josh's music is celebrated and integrated into the repertoire of congregations, camps and communities around the world.

Joshua Nelson - innovative music that can only be described as Kosher gospel.

Rick Recht -Rick Recht is the top-touring musician in Jewish music playing over 150 concerts a year in the United States and abroad.  Recht is widely recognized for his appeal to youth and family audiences not only as an exceptional musician, singer/songwriter, and entertainer, but as a role model for involvement in Jewish life.

Craig Taubman - Craig Taubman's dynamic music and moving performance style have been an inspiration to the Jewish community for over 22 years. Craig's magical and enchanting music brings to life the joy and spirit of the Jewish heritage, appealing to young and old alike and captivating audiences wherever he goes.


Judaism 101
 -This is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs.

Interfaith Family -This online resource is for interfaith families exploring Jewish life and the grass-roots advocate for a welcoming Jewish community. This resource is for everyone touched by interfaith relationships where one partner is Jewish, on every topic of interest to them, and for everyone who works with and cares about them. - The purpose of this website is to demonstrate how our traditions, when incorporated into our homes, can be wonderful parenting tools.

My Jewish Learning - This website provides Jewish information and education by offering thousands of articles on all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life. It is geared toward adults of all ages and backgrounds, from novice learners, who may be exploring Judaism for the first time, to experienced learners, who are looking to delve deeper into specific topic areas.

Jewish Denominations

Union for Reform Judaism

United Synagogues for Conservative Judaism 

Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations in America